Stories and Devotions from Shauna Hoey

Refreshing Wind by Classseminars, Inc.

Compilation Book: Shauna’s Devotion Epiphany From the Rubble pages 17-18

Welcome to Refreshing Wind. This book has already experienced a Spirit miracle. Recently in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a group of writers and the CLASSeminar faculty gathered to compose a devotion book celebrating a renewed Spirit common to all of them. In less than a week, they each wrote a devotional, prayed over it, and submitted it for publication.

In this special book, a joint effort combined to meld these writers trust in their Lord with their past experiences, talents, and skills into a devotional for celebrating God s Presence in your life.

Inside these pages you will find a daily story about ordinary men and women who were discouraged and standing in the mire at the lowest point of their lives God provided a refreshing wind to assure them of His grace and love. The sign may have come in a bright heap of autumn leaves, a pile of grey rocks, a noisy telephone call, or the eerie silence hovering over smoldering ashes of a family home. In each case, God touched these writers and raised the ordinary to the extraordinary, providing the spark the writers needed for renewed life. Our prayer is that you find that same spark in your life, uplifted by a refreshing wind to begin a fresh start.

Come As You Are Stories of Faith and Answered Prayer

Compilation Book: Shauna’s devotion When God Smiles pages 125-126

Featuring Florence Littauer, Dr. Dennis Hensley, Cynthia Ruchti, Jesse Florea, Linda Gilden, Dr. Edna Ellison, Gloria Penwell, Gerry Wakeland Karen Porter, and many more. Uniquely suited to write. Called by God to serve. Coming just as they were. Men and women of God. Poured out on these pages. If you want to read real stories from budding writers and expert authors, this book is for you. Grab an easy chair and your favorite cup of tea or coffee, and devour these pages. It’s a come-as-you-are experience! In November 2014 a motley crew of Christian writers from all over the United States and beyond met at a large church in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to spend a handful of wonderful days getting to know each other and themselves in a fresh new way. Together they worked on fresh ideas, amazing experiences peppered with stories of faith, and answered prayer. Seasoned writer/mentors sat at tables, tenderly nudging writers to refine their work. Occasionally a veteran author would pat a discouraged writer on the back, giving tips for reorganizing. Another might pray with two teenagers about their work. All over the giant room echoed the sounds of creative splashes of body copy provided by their Creative Creator—on over 70 laptops. This book, Come as You Are: Stories of Faith and Answered Prayer, is the result of that short but miraculous time together. Celebrate with Us as You Read and Come to Him, Just as You Are.

What’s-Your-Story-Waldo Canyon Fire Colorado by Johnny Wilson

Compilation book Shauna’s story The Day I Danced on the Ashes pages 24-25

An Amazing collection of 113 hand written accounts and portraits of one of Colorado’s most devastating fires. A collection that encompasses not only those that lost their homes, but accounts from police, fire, children and many others that provided help in many ways. This is a collection that was gathered as an historical piece to be viewed long after the rebuilding of a community that was mesmerized by a monster inferno that burned 18,247 acres, burned 347 and damaged many more and unfortunately took two lives. This is a collecting that gives the reader a small glimpse into what some of those up close and personal were witnessing at the time of the fire. A must read book for those that have an interest in humanity.

Short and Sweet Too: More Small Words for Big Thoughts

Compilation Book: Find Shauna’s Short and Sweet wisdom: When Faith Doesn’t Move My Pain

Can you say more with less? If you use short, simple words, will what you write turn out so real and so clear that your reader will taste it, see it, hear it, touch it, smell it…live it?

In this book, the second in the Short and Sweet series, you’ll find a collection of fiction and non-fiction on a variety of topics. They have two things in common: Each is about something that matters deeply to the writer, and with few exceptions — proper names, numbers — each is written using only one-syllable words or words of fewer than six letters.

If you’ve always thought you had to use long words to keep your reader engaged, discover why it’s often a great idea to keep it Short and Sweet.


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