Colorado Waldo Canyon Fire  2012

I sat in the shade of the skeleton of the largest pine in our backyard—now a charred trunk with crispy-brown needles on black branches—and stared at the remains of our home. Writing became one of my keys to healing as I put words to my deep sorrow and loss. That day, my writing took the form of a song. I called it Restoration Prayer. Fire of Hope Finding Treasure in the Rubble pages 25-26


Restoration Prayer

The trees tell the story of a fire roaring through. Beautiful trees once standing now skeletons remain.

Ribbon of Your presence, come to this place. Find your way through the ashes to touch this parched place. Touch each pile of rubble with your sweet embrace. Restore beauty from the ashes. Let this place be a song of grace.

We are broken-hearted, torn from so much grief, as we sift through the ashes and stand upon this loss. Staring at the rubble, nothing to say, searching for a treasure, does anything remain?

Ribbon of Your presence, wind your way around our hearts, for our emptiness screams anguish as we reach to touch what’s lost. May the memories that haunt us turn to treasures to hold dear.

We are broken-hearted, seared from so much grief. As we begin a chapter of building something new, excavate the darkness and heal our hearts anew.

Ribbon of Your presence, restore this broken place. May the beauty from the ashes be the song to declare Your grace.

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