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Trauma Prayer

I found this prayer when I searched for answers about the effects of trauma. I keep this link on my favorites bar on my computer because it is POWERFUL, HEALING, and SOOTHING to my soul. If you seek deep healing and renewal, click the link.

The audio version of the 23 minute Trauma Prayer has been downloaded about 150,000 times from various sources. It will deal with tormenting dreams and even initiate the healing process for you. Approximately 8,000 people around the world count on it to help them go to sleep at night. For more information and Biblical Healing resources check out House of Healing Ministries:

Gift From Within – PTSD Resources for Survivors and Caregivers

I found valuable information on this website. If you are looking for answers and support dealing with PTSD this website is informative, helpful, and a goldmine of resources.


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