I rushed through the grass and over the rock pathway to my favorite rose garden at Glen Eyrie. I lifted the latch of the garden’s majestic iron gate and entered the familiar refuge. I expected vibrant colors and delightful fragrances to welcome me. Instead, I sighed in disappointment. I had arrived too early in the season and the roses laid dormant still cut back from the fall.

With nothing but woody stubs and bare dirt surrounding me, I sat on a bench. Memorial signs caught my attention. Next to each sleepy rose bush stood engraved plaques held up by wires in the dirt. The words, “My Child” drew me closer. I honed in on the other markers. “Our darling daughter, ” “Beloved Mary—eternally loved.”

Sadness enveloped me as I thought of the parents who tenderly planted each rose bush, missing their beloved child. I read all the signs in the garden. How many times had I visited this garden and missed the people behind the roses?


Mother’s Day can be a hard day. Churches honor moms with video tributes, a rose, or a prayer. Cards, flowers, and candy fill store displays. Recognition can be painful reminders of children we lost or who never came to be. And it can be a sad day for those of us who miss our moms who have passed on. Some of us miss the mom we never had because our mom couldn’t nurture us with the love we needed. I acknowledge the aches in your hearts and wrap my arms around all of you with a big hug.

       Love to the Ladies Behind the Children They Lost or Longed For

Love to the ladies who desired to be a mom, but couldn’t

Grace to the moms who conceived, but miscarried—some not just once, but many times

Full hearts to the moms whose baby didn’t make it

A medal of valor to moms who gave up their babies for adoption pressured by circumstance. They searched for their child in a crowd and wondered, “Is she well?” “Is he safe and loved?”

Comfort to the moms who lost their babies tragically through sickness, accidents, or other horrible events

Peace to the moms who lost their children because drugs and alcohol robbed them of the relationships they longed to have with their children

Endurance to the moms whose children are incarcerated

A full heart to mom’s whose children are far way

Hugs and bundles of roses to women who grieve, and long, and miss, and…..



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