My friend Deb is one of the most positive people I know. When her home in 2013 and everything in it burned, she said, “My family and animals got out safely. Nothing else mattered. Nothing else ever has mattered, or ever will.” Three years later when she broke her ankle, she had two surgeries to put her ankle back together with bolts, screws, and plates. Her comment to me was, “God is teaching me about what is important.” When her husband had a heart attack less than a year later, she said, “God uses all these things to grow us and put life into perspective.”

When Deb talks, I listen. Deb doesn’t talk about her faith—she lives it out. I’ve seen her family (husband, daughter, son-in-law, and five grandchildren) come together and rebuild their lives after the total loss of their shared home and push through other difficult life events.

A few months after the Black Forest fire that burned Deb’s home, a team of musicians from Worship Mob filmed a music video on her families’ ravaged property. They stood on the ashes of loss and sang. On the burned-out stumps, they proclaimed a hope that lasts even when everything burns.

What do you need to sing over that has caused heartache in your life?

What is your message of hope to share with others?

Click below to watch the music video.


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