Writing a book is an all-encompassing focus-driven, faith-building, character-testing adventure. It requires doing the grunt work of submitting laborious attention to detail, checking and rechecking facts.

A year after the Colorado Fire in 2012 that burned 347 homes, one of which was mine, I decided to write the book I needed but couldn’t find.

Little did I know what I was getting myself into. If I had started with a fiction book, I could’ve made things up. But with non-fiction, people so graciously trusted me with their stories—everything had to be written with accuracy and sensitivity. If perfection exists, I strove to that end.


I’ve discovered that determination is more important than skill and knowledge. My determination drove me to cultivate what I needed for success.


Just when I thought I was done, I wasn’t. I needed more editing. And then more editing. A little rest, and even more editing. I have a new-found appreciation for the teachers I despised in my youth who drew red lines through my sentences and crossed out my punctuation. I thought I was finally free of the grammar books I hated in English class. While writing this book, I purchased the very books I hoped would burn.

I’ve sweated over word choice rearranging sentences, varying sentence structures, rhythm, voice, polishing, and more.

There is no way I could’ve produced my book alone. I had no idea when I embarked on the process that I would need many professionals and helpers to produce a strong book. I met weekly with my writing coach for over a year and a half, regularly with my editors (line editor, structural editor, copy editor), my webmaster, and my marketing coaches and marketing director. I am grateful for the amazing people who have guided me each step of the way with enduring patience.

Fire of Hope is in the final stages in editing. I’m tired. My family is tired. My bank account is near empty, but I’m almost done—Just another month or so.

If I can get this book into print, I can do anything. If I can, you can. I dare you to finish the project you have put off, to write the book or article you’ve neglected. What is holding you back?

Whatever is in your way—move it.


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