“I stood on my collapsed garage door, stunned by the devastation. Tangled in emotions, I could only stare at the ruins of my home, a pit of ashes mixed with shards of broken memories. The birds sang as if nothing happened.”

Fire of Hope Finding Treasure in the Rubble


Dear Friends Who Have Lost Your Homes,

I remember clearly the days of destruction caused by a forest fire that burned my home and the homes of my neighbors.

I’m sorry for your great losses and trauma. My heart and the hearts of others break for you.

I wrote this prayer a few weeks after the destruction of our community in 2012. May you find the comfort and love you need to recover.

Dear Lord,
You are the one who restores all that is broken, lost or stolen. You alone bring life where there is death and wholeness where there is devastation. Touch the deep places in our hearts where we are broken. I submit all of us who have lost much in the fire to Your care and healing power. We are Your broken people in need of the touch of our Savior and Redeemer. You are the source of all that brings us joy. You understand our loss and the ugliness of destruction. Bring beauty to our ashes and life to destruction. We surrender the injury in our inner beings and our hurts to Your care and healing.


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