Drum roll please…After four years of interviews, research, and overcoming a concussion from an auto accident, I’m thrilled to introduce my website/blog: Thrive With Hope.

Almost five years ago, our house burned in the Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado Springs. My book, Fire of Hope: Finding Treasure in the Rubble will come out in September. I’ve developed Thrive With Hope as a website community to share resources and encouragement. If you’ve lived through a natural disaster or life events which have caused upheaval in your life, Thrive With Hope provides the positive message you need. I offer my experience and resources to you as my gift after my journey of walking through the rubble.

I separated my blog into the following topics: Thrive, Faith, Family, and Planning for Emergencies. I will post a new blog one to two times per month.

I need your support. Please subscribe and stay up to date by clicking here: Thrive With Hope. Forward this link to friends and loved ones who need a boost after a devastating event.

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