Fire of Hope Cover
Fire of Hope Cover

Fire of Hope

Finding Treasure in the Rubble

  • Has your home been ruined by a fire or natural disaster?
  • Have you been through a traumatic experience and wondered why you can’t get over it?
  • Are you tormented with restless nights and nightmares?
  • Do you feel numb when you should have feelings?
  • Do you feel like people don’t understand what you’ve been through?
  • Do you need insight about how to support a friend or loved one after they’ve survived a disaster?

A total of 347 homes burned in the 2012 Waldo Canyon fire of Colorado. Mine was one of them.

If you’ve suffered loss through a disaster, you are not alone. No matter what kind of tragedy, we have a choice to view our loss as a journey of healing or to crumple into a heap of defeat. Fire of Hope: Finding Treasure in the Rubble peers into the lives of people who chose the path healing. Discover the keys to thrive after a disaster and find your treasure in the rubble.

What others are saying:


“As I read, I kept thinking of people I know who need to read this book now. There is nothing like it out there.

One minute I was crying, the next laughing. I know this book will help those going through trauma to understand what they are feeling is “normal.” People will relate and find themselves in the pages. It can help them grow and thrive from their lowest points in life. Fire of Hope gives hope and support to regain the life that has been suddenly and violently torn from them. It gives them an understanding of what they are going through and how to lift themselves up from the ashes of their existence to healing.

This book will help fire and trauma victims, counselors, first responders and concerned friends and families of those in any crisis to understand what their loved ones are going through.”

—Elizabeth S. LeMarr

“Everyone has experienced devastation of one kind or another and the struggle to recover. The path back to safety and wholeness is found in a very simple formula; a strong, supportive community, a few good tools, and perseverance. This book is an able guide to help you reestablish the place of stability that disaster robbed you of, and an assurance that God is able to help in the recovery process.”

—Jim Banks, author of The Effects of Trauma and How to Deal With It

“Loved it! Shauna tells a beautiful, heartbreaking, heart-healing tale of her journey from her point of view of losing her home in the Waldo Canyon Fire. I was so moved by the vulnerability and the personal stories of other fire victims. Having lost my home too, I found myself crying and nodding my head throughout, feeling validated but also encouraged. Shauna sheds light on areas I didn’t understand, like how trauma that isn’t totally dealt with can resurface. The tools and ideas she provides to aid in the process were very practical, and I know I’ll be drawing on this wisdom myself. Very well done and healing!”

—Holly DeHerrera, author of  The Orphan Maker’s Sin

“Fire of Hope captures the fearful spirit of the trauma surrounding the days of the Waldo Canyon Fire, along with the faithful spirit which brought a community of caring people together. Shauna Hoey brings lessons in courage and commitment in turning her personal burdens into blessings for others!”

—Rev. David L. Hunting Retired pastor of the First Congregational Church in Manitou Springs and Public Information Officer for the Manitou Springs Fire Department 

“I was deeply moved and felt as if I had entered the very personal and communal tragedy in a new and different way.”

—M. R. Hyde author of  Nicene Creed and Tall Pauley

“Shauna’s book is full of heart-felt stories of the tears, healing, and triumph over life’s darkest moments.”

   —Jennifer Darling, author of Discover Your Inspiration, Amazon Best-Seller

“True, Fire of Hope is fascinating Colorado history. But even more, it is therapy for those who have suffered real trauma from loss—be it by fire, accident, or any other tragedy such as the death of a loved one. From this memoir-like account, you will gain psychological insights that will stick with you forever, even as you wipe the tears from your eyes.”

—Greg Austin, author of the First Passion Faith-based Romantic Suspense Trilogy

“Shauna offers us guidance and understanding as we negotiate our way through the trials and tribulations of grief and loss. Like a beacon of light in the dark of night, she helps those who are suffering and wounded find a way through the grief and struggle.”

—Laura McBee RN, BSN

Take your first step to THRIVE WITH HOPE by ordering this book. Start your journey today.

The Story Behind Fire of Hope

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