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Welcome to Thrive With Hope, a place to connect with others who understand trauma and desire to flourish after a devastating event caused by fires or natural disasters. Thrive With Hope provides resources and support to those who have experienced devastation. Please make yourself at home here on the site. Explore and you’ll discover ways to thrive after disaster strikes home.

Shauna is an author, teacher, and trauma advocate. Her home burned in the Colorado forest fire of 2012. She rebuilt her house and her life. She wants to encourage others to be thrivers, not just survivors.

Fire of Hope

Finding Treasure in the Rubble


  • Has your home been ruined by a fire or natural disaster?
  • Have you been through a traumatic experience and wondered why you can’t get over it?
  • Are you tormented with restless nights and nightmares?
  • Do you feel numb when you should have feelings?
  • Do you feel like people don’t understand what you’ve been through?
  • Do you need insight about how to support a friend or loved one after they’ve survived a disaster?

A total of 347 homes burned in the 2012 Waldo Canyon fire of Colorado. Mine was one of them.

If you’ve suffered loss through a disaster, you are not alone. No matter what kind of tragedy, we have a choice to view our loss as a journey of healing or to crumple into a heap of defeat. Finding Treasure in the Rubble peers into the lives of people who chose the path healing. Discover the keys to thrive after a disaster and find your treasure in the rubble.

Take your first step to thrive with hope by ordering this book. Start your journey today.

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